The Graboids is an underground litter-grabbing collective that tidies up local neighborhoods.

Let’s pick up some trash.

clean park



Women's T-shirts: $56


Men's T-shirts: $59

T-shirts are USA-made, 100% cotton with reflective strips on front and back. Plus $7.95 shipping, USA only.
Designed by Hotiron Creative and sold by Sticker the Planet / @Stickerum.

Lockdown sucks.

Gyms are closed. People working from home (or unemployed) are all over the place outside, and so is their trash. What are we supposed to do for our mental and physical health crusade? Good. We do some good. Let’s get some sun, exercise, and commercial trash bags. Buy a shirt, and join the revolution.

Why “The Graboids”?

The Graboids use litter-grabbing tools that look like the underground grabbers from that 1990 movie Tremors.

Why JOIN The Graboids?

You can pick up trash as an unsung hero, or you can wear a cape (or a @TheGraboids t-shirt), but definitely wear a mask. Be part of something better than simply surviving, and advertise the joy of good neighborliness on your back. Pay it forward. Start a movement. Make it a family outing, and keep track of each other with matching shirts.


Do good.

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